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Droy's lumber room

If you are a electronic amateur and 80's computers like you, you are going to enjoy visiting this secction. When I was a child I dreamed with new features for my Spectrum such a disk drive, a better keyboard etc.Now that I have more skills and resources I have decided to take old dreams and make them true. Here you have some of them.

How to bulid a Interface II ROM cartridge

Home made cartridge are easier to build than you think, here you can find the electronic diagram, teorical explanation, the binary files of some of them and "In exclusive" a game never released in this format before, Knight Lore, that I convert from a TAP file to ROM , making true a old dream of mine. No translated yet

How to build a home made Interface II

After the publication of "How to build a Interface II Cart" some people ask me: How can I get a Interface II nowadays ? The answer is easy... Make it yourself !!! It is much easier than you think. Just take a look at the photo. No translated yet

PlusD, a disk drive for the Spectrum

Have you ever dreamed with a disk drive for your Speccy? I'm pretty sure you do, specially while your Spectrum was loading from tape your favourite program. I couldn't resist the temptation, I began to work as soon as I had the schemme of this interface that Miles Gordon Technology called "PlusD".No translated yet

Jupiter Ace. How to Build it.

A couple of member of the ZX-81's design team left Sinclair and founded their own company (Cantab) It was the year 1982 when this machine, cousin of the ZX-Spectrum, get out to the market. As far as I know, this is the only one machine that works in Forth instead of BASIC. The fascination I ever fell for this amazing machine plus the extremily hard to find it in internet auctions pushed me to this challenge. Here you have how I did it. No translated yet

IMAR-3 Plug a PC Keyboard to your Speccy

All Spectrum's users know quite well what is NOT the best designed part of this computer. The fragility of the membrane, the no very high sensibility of the keys made me think that the best solution could be a new adapter to connect a PC keyboard to a ZX-Spectrum. This adapter is copyrighted "Trastero del Spectrum" (Made in Spain).

Trasnlated by Fernando G. Fonseca

The keyboard of my ZX-Spectrum / QL / ZX81 doesn't work. What can I do ?

Hints and Tips to solve the eternal problem of Sinclair's machines membrane. How to rebuild the keyboard, how to mend the membrane or build a new keyboard. No translated yet

ZX-Flash Cart. A cart with 512Kb for your Interface II

Here you have a cart based on a 512Kb flash memory. It allows you to program its memory with 10 snapshots and once plugged in the Interface II choose the program to load. Fast, easy and cheap (less than 15 Euros).

Trasnlated by Isidro Nuñez. (...Sorry for the mistakes)

My ZX-Spectrum doesn't work. What can I do?

Hints and Tips to mend your computer.

(Under Construcction) No translated yet

If you have a broken machine send me a e-mail and I will try to help you.

Any idea correction or suggestion don't hesistate send me a email here