Superfo Harlequin 128K

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    Derived from Superfo Harlequin clone project , Superfo has made a version with new features: Important Note :

    This Superfo Harlequin 128K version it is not exactly a Spectrum +128K. Timing , the number of lines per frame and the number of pixels per line are the same as Harlequin 48K (or Spectrum 48K). Briefly we can say that the current version is a Spectrum 48K with 128K RAM, sound chip and uses a Spectrum + 128K ROM.

    It is possible have a more accuracy Spectrum +128K clon doing some modifications designed by Superfo. These modifications require cutting tracks and add some more components.

Superfo Harlequin 128K scheme

Note : Superfo recommended to use a good DC-DC converter to avoid small screen interferences produced by typical noise of these type of regulators.

Superfo Harlequin 128K PCB

    This photo shows the board inside a Spectrum 48K case. You also can see the RESET button and the joystick port.

    Another difference with Harlequin 48K or Spectrum 48K is EAR and MIC connector. In Harlequin 128K , MIC connector is used for stereo output sound and EAR connector is use for EAR and MIC signal (It uses stereo jack 3,5" connector).


    Harlequin 128K Rev 1B (Older).
    Harlequin 128K Rev 2B.
    Harlequin 128K Rev 2D (newer).
    Spectrum +128K modifications. To have a more accuracy Spectrum+128K clone. Tested in a rev 1B board.

Thanks to

    Superfo. He made this proyect and give his work for free for hobby builder.

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